Thorbjørn Jørgensen – ‘Before you started .. I had never visited a gym.’

Hi Linn,
Before you started as our strength and conditioning coach I had never visited a gym. At the first test (autumn 2015), I did 7 chins and 13 squats (80 kg on my back). This morning (January 17th 2017) I did 3 x 12 chins with 10 kg added and 3 x 12 squats with 90 kg added. As for my conditioning, I improved my Cooper test with 300 m.
– Thorbjørn Jørgensen

Note from Coach Linn: Thorbjørn is the grown up in the Danish Men’s Lacrosse National team – playing the European Championships 2016 at the age of 51! This was the second national team squad he was part of for Denmark (the first was curling). Age is not a limit to what you can achieve, when you can start something new or how much you can progress!! Thorbjørn was one of the most committed players in the group working his ass off in the gym at the firefighting station he works at. Inspiration! Follow him on Twitter here!