Mads H. Wille – ‘I learned my lesson’

My first ever experience with an S&C program was with Linn Risvang and the Danish National Lacrosse team. I had done demanding and physical team sports before, but I’ve always been athletic and so I never felt the need to really focus and work on my strength and conditioning. Therefore the S&C program that we received from Linn, caught me a little off-guard. The whole program was built on continuously developing us as athletes, which took determination and hard work, both in the gym but also in day to day life.

I was still in high school at the time and had my mind on a lot of things, as well as EC16, but regretfully I was too lazy to really keep up with the demands of the S&C program. But when we had our National Team Practices, and we were lucky enough to have Linn come to Denmark, I really felt she increased everyone motivation by encouraging us and giving constructive feedback on our lifting technique and physical development. So when I actually got around to do the work, it was very rewarding. The program had us using almost our whole body during a workout, which I really enjoyed.

Personally, it was hard to commit myself to the program, which I ended up paying for at the EC16, but I could see the major impact that it had on some of the guys’ physique and performance. The guys who had followed the system, had found their (1) RM and continued to increase it by hitting the gym every day, and had committed themselves to the program really showed signs of developing. I know that I learned my lesson and look forward to seeing and committing myself to the S&C program Linn will have us grinding through all the way to the World Championships in Manchester (2018, now moved to Israel).