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BeStrength delivers Performance Nutrition & Coaching to athletes as well as others who wish to perform in their recreational activities, daily life or for a special event. We can take you exactly where you want to go. You are in the driving seat and we are your navigators. BeStrength is all about living and breathing strength as we believe a strong physique, a strong mind and a strong diet will produce the strongest health. We will provide the strongest plan. You will find your strongest self.

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Coach Linn

Linn is a Norwegian MSc student, Nutritionist, PT and strength coach, and handball player located in London, UK. Her strong passion for passing on knowledge and help the individual in front of her is part of her personality. The road to becoming a trainer started out with handball injuries and hours in the gym trying to sort them out. Handball trainer at a young age and a 2-year teaching job gave her valuable experience in communication skills and how to reach people with different learning needs. From there she went on to complete the Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor certification in Oslo before embarking on a 5-year integrated MSc in Clinical Nutrition. After 3 years she is now on a leave to pursue her passion for Sport by obtaining an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Middlesex University, London. Read more about Linn’s experience below.


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Online coaching

Do you feel in pretty good control of your training technique or simply want to save money compared to a PT or coach standing next to you?

With online coaching, you get all the tools you need to reach your goals and the support along the way – just as if you had a Personal Trainer. (more…)

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Athlete & Team Consulting

Want to reach a goal in your Sport? Lift your team’s fitness level? Reduce risk of injury or illness? Optimize performance?


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‘A way of training I hadn’t used previously.’

As a member of the Danish National Lacrosse Team, Linn wrote strength and conditioning programs for me in the lead up to the 2016 European Championships. The programs were great and I don’t think I could’ve gotten anything more from a different trainer. Linn’s feedback was always constructive and timely.

The rep target method she employed for the programs was highly motivational, easy to track and a way of training I hadn’t used previously. Linn had also taken into account the skills and movements required of my playing position, goalkeeper, to individually tailor my program for the best on-field performance.
I am looking forward to working with Linn again and couldn’t recommend her highly enough as a strength and conditioning coach.
James Robertson.


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Writing is something I enjoy and is probably the best way I express myself. Due to a heavy study and work load I have had a break from writing, until now. Here you will find articles about what I do and educational articles, as well as future guest articles. Click below to get to all the articles.